"i didn't realize who i was until i stopped being who i wasn't."


In 2015 I looked in the mirror and realized I did not recognize the person staring back at me.  My reflection had become a stranger, a mime effortlessly mimicking my every move. On the outside this stranger appeared perfect yet I could see the pain and suffering within her eyes. For 25 years I strived to be anyone but myself, I pined for the acceptance of others. I brainwashed myself into thinking I had to resemble others in order to feel beautiful; for 25 years I convinced myself that the real me would never be good enough. Burning alive in my own personal hell was slowly tearing me apart one lie at a time. Three years ago I finally understood the amount of pain I was causing myself and realized something had to change. In that moment I made the most challenging decision of my life, for the very first time I chose me.  I selected my own happiness over the acceptance of others, self-love over self-doubt. I chose to remove the blindfold that had been blocking my vision of reality for too long.  

Day after day we drown in our own insecurities, suffocate ourselves with envy while comparing ourselves to others. The expectations we are programmed to believe we must achieve in order to be accepted by society are ludicrous, disturbing, and often impossible, yet so many of us still believe we will never be good enough unless these expectations are met. We live in a world that is both obsessed with social media and consumed by self-doubt. A world where it is conventional to put down others in order to feel superior;  where on the surface we are having the time of our lives but behind closed doors we are silently screaming for help.  A world that produces individuals who spend 25 years of their lives never admitting who they truly are (even to themselves) because they are afraid of what others might think. A world where anorexia, anxiety, body dysmorphia, self-injury, social injustice, supremacy, race wars, mass shootings, and suicide (to name a few) are the new norm. I cannot help but believe that if we can find the beauty within ourselves perhaps we can then see the beauty in others.

How and where this realm of self-hate began does not matter. The only thing that does matter is how it ends... AND THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS. 

 We are all equally beautiful in our own skin. I hope to build a brand that focuses on beauty and human connection which will empower others in discovering their own individual magnificence. I want to share experiences of self-doubt and struggle on the path to self-love because these are the stories that matter; these are the stories that will open the eyes and hearts of others. One day you will wake up and realize how beautiful you truly are and when you make the decision to share your beauty with the world I will be here to make sure your unique story is heard.

This is the beginning of a revolution.  No matter your age, race,social status, religious beliefs, gender/non gender, sexual preference or lack there of, you are beautiful.

The time has come to end conformity and embrace individuality.

It is time to show the world that beauty is equal.